Princess Tutu

13 Sep

Princess Tutu

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The title, “Princess Tutu” is repulsively repelling to most people looking for an anime with which to pass the time. I’m glad I did watch it though, because “Princess Tutu” is a fairy tale with quite the touching story line. Story – 10. An outstanding story indeed, Duck leads an adventurous life as she attempts to collect all the pieces of her beloved’s heart. The action isn’t quite swordplay and blood fountains, but there is definitely anticipation buildups within each episode as our protagonist starts to reach the climax. Plus, the plot itself is a story written by a fictional character within our plot, kinda like a story within a story (story-ception O.O/). Art – 10. Definitely great art and animation. It’s a bit childish and seems to be geared more towards younger children, but hey, it’s not bad and I can totally watch it without complaining about pixels, so it’s definitely a 10 in my books. Sound – 10. Soundtracks were definitely placed within the right times, and there was great emotion within each sentence when there needed to be. So yes, the sound actually sounded like it was there, and not just some dude reading the script. Character – 10. They mainly emphasize Duck’s character in the beginning, straining to remind characters that she’s nothing but a fragile duck who shouldn’t be able to do anything really life changing. As the story progresses, they start to go in depth with the main characters though, so all around, you can definitely see the character development by the end of the series. Enjoyment – 10. I really enjoyed this series, I’ve always liked romance comedies, and this one has plenty of both. So I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in that kind of anime. Overall – 10. That’s an average of 10, but in the end, I believe this is actually more geared towards children, because it’s not really one of those animes with enough depth to send viewers on emotional roller coasters, but at the same time, it’s definitely got the marks of a romantic anime worth watching. Kinda like Aishiteruze Baby if you will, except a little more childish.